Wednesday, December 8, 2010

plodding along...

... at 12 kbits/sec!

That is even slower than dial-up! 

I just moved to my new 1-room (studio) apartment here in Heidelberg.  I moved from a 28 square meter one to an even smaller apartment, albeit more expensive.  Why?, you ask.  Well, I had a 1 year limit in my old apartment, so I left. 

See, my old apartment was fully-furnished and the new one is not.  It sucks.  I plopped about 700€ at Ikea the past two weekends just to make my new apartment live-able.  Now, I have a bed, a sofa bed (that will fit two people easily), a table (I was eating on my bed before) and a chair.  :-D  Now anyone can come visit!

But yeah, before I wander to far, no internet yet! Just my O2 stick, and with my internet habits I was sent back to GPRS speed in 2 days.  Who knew there is a limit to how you can surf?  Ugh.

I can't wait for KabelBW to do my connection.  Mr Saturn better be true to his word, otherwise, I know where he works!

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